Dear Customers,

with great pleasure we inform you that our new service portal is finally online with a lot of fantastic news !

It took months of hard work, a huge amount of tests and a considerable effort to import all the data from the old platform... But finally, we did it.

When you'll login into client area, you can manage all your services autonomously and in a totally integrated way, everything from a single management interface.
There will be no waiting times anymore, there won't be no multiple management interfaces, EVERYTHING IN ONE SINGLE PLACE.
- DNS management for your domain name
- Contacts management for your domain name
- New domains and domain transfers
- New services activations
- Upgrade of your actual services
- and so much more...

Additionally, after multiple customer requests, we have finally integrated multiple currencies. For this reason, all customers with CH addresses have been converted into CHF currency.

The importance of having a portal in a language that is easier for us to understand is more than obvious. The portal is completely available in italian and english, and only partially translated into german and french. Over the next few weeks, we have already planned the completion of the translations of these two other national languages.

In conclusion, we kindly ask you to check that:
- Your personal data has been imported correctly
- Your services are all visible and available
- The prices applied to these services are as before
- The expirations of the services coincide with what you had before

For any error, discrepancy or information, DO NOT HESITATE to contact us, we are always happy to be at your complete disposal.

We are proud to have you among our valued customers, we will work with the utmost dedication to make sure that everything always works in the best way.

Kindest Regards,
Reto Kessler

Saturday, August 24, 2019

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