When do we share your information with other parties

As a hosting provider, FuturaHosters.com is committed to comply with its obligations under the regulations. As a result, you must also respect the points of your regulatory obligations related to our services.

As a subcontractor, FuturaHosters.com is committed to:

Store your data in our data centres based exclusively in Switzerland and never transfer your data outside of our data centers.

Implement high-security standards and maintain continuous improvement processes to provide you with a high level of security in our services.

Notify you as soon as possible in the event of a violation of your data.

Be transparent when we use subcontractors that could process your data.

Maintain and develop our physical security measures to prevent access to the infrastructures on which your data are stored by unauthorised persons.

Have physical and/or logical isolation systems (depending on the services) to isolate customer hosting services from each other, and carry out intrusion tests once a year in order to ensure data tightness between customers.

Be exemplary in terms of reactivity for security updates on the systems we manage.

These commitments are transcribed in our general and specific terms and conditions.

It is essential to distinguish between:

A. The security of the infrastructures on which your data is hosted
B. The exploitation and implementation of the data by you

Customer's role
- It is solely responsible for the security of resources and application systems that it uses with FuturaHosters.com services.

FuturaHosters.com role
- We are committed to ensuring the safety of our infrastructure, including a security policy that meets the requirements of various standards and certifications as well as the GDPR.

FAQ about the GDPR

Am I in compliance with the GDPR when using FuturaHosters.com ?
Yes. Nevertheless, we remind you that it is your responsibility to make the content (CMS, plugins, forms, etc.) that you host through our services compatible with the GDPR.
It is important to distinguish between the security of the infrastructures on which you are hosting your data and how you use the data. As a hosting service, FuturaHosters.com is limited to a role of sub-contractor concerning the GDPR. Thus, our policy concerning data confidentiality and the use of cookies as well as our terms and conditions let you have the necessary guarantees relating to our conformity as a sub-contractor.
If needed, you can easily find a professional or Internet guides to help you in this compliance process.

What is FuturaHosters.com responsibility concerning the GDPR ?
Like companies that work with European citizens, FuturaHosters.com must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation:
- Our Privacy Policy details the data which we keep in order to provide and run our services.
- Our Policy regarding Personal Data Protection describes FuturaHosters.com commitments as a processor that hosts all of your data, including data of a personal nature.

If needed, please use our Contact Form. Our support team will be happy to answer to all of your questions.