Our Web Hosting Servers are Linux Operating System bysed.
They all offer services like HTML, PHP, PERL/CGI, Flash, Multimedia Streaming, DataBase, e-mail, FTP, DNS, etc.

They all are prepared to easily install and configure CMS software like Drupal, Joomla, e107, MKPortal, and many more.
They all are prepared do support forum software of every kind, PHP based blogs (for example wordpress, etc.), e-commerce portals (like OsCommerce, Magento, etc.), forums software (like vBulletin, phpBB, SMF, etc.), and many other static or dynamic applications...
Every one of our Services offer the exact same thing, in terms of provided service and in terms of performances. The only difference between our available Hosting Plans, is the issued quota on the Hard Disks.
You can freely choose your preferred Hostin Plan from the list...

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Price ===>>> 3.90 € / Month 7.90 € / Month 16.90 € / Month
Server / Domains / Disk
Disk Space 10 GB !!! 15 GB !!! 20 GB !!!
Traffic Limit Unlimited !!! Unlimited !!! Unlimited !!!
Operating System Linux Linux Linux
Multiple hosting
Managed Domains 3 5 10
Sub-Domains 100 200 300
Available TLDs All: .com, .org, .ch, etc. All: .com, .org, .ch, etc. All: .com, .org, .ch, etc.
SSL Certificate Included Included Included
Full DNS Management
FTP Access
Web File-Manager
WWW Server
Web based Statistics
PERL Scripting
PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5/5.6/7.0/7.1
SSI Support
Protected Areas
Custom Errors
e-mail Server
Mailboxes + Aliases 500 1000 Unlimited !!!
WebMail Interface
e-mail Self-Admin
Autoresponders 500 1000 Unlimited !!!
Web Addressbook
Advanced AntiSPAM
Anti Virus
DataBase Server
MySQL DataBases 3 5 10
MySQL Users 3 5 10
MySQL Web Manager
Multimedia Support
Flash Video
Real Video / Audio
Windows Media
Setup Fees Free Free Free
Support Online / Phone / SMS Online / Phone / SMS Online / Phone / SMS
Minimum Uptime 99.5 % 99.5 % 99.5 %
Daily Backup
Custom Self-Restore
Traffic Statistics
Custom Logs
Price ===>>> 3.90 € / Month 7.90 € / Month 16.90 € / Month
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