FuturaHosters.com is a project developed by Mercury Labs SAGL.
We are Network & Systems Engineers, Software Developers and long-time friends who began to work on Computers more than 15 years ago, when Internet was just a dream. This is our Job, this is our Hobby and this simply is our Passion.
Our technical experience ranges from the simple PC (Windows, Linux, Mac) installation and managing to the larger-scale network & service engineering and administration. To top it off we also hold experience in developing ad-hoc software for customers.
As said before, that's our passion, which is why we are able to provide our customers with the best service quality ever seen.

We began playing online games many years ago, so we know very well what an online game player wants and needs in order to feel satisfied.
We have been clan members, we are/have been clan leaders and we really know how important Tournaments and ClanWars are.

We appreciate critics made by our customers, made by our players, made by everyone that has something to tell us; but we are also able to provide you (the player) with the best tips, tricks and useful hints you need to reach your objectives. This because we are PLAYERS like you. We also are Information Technology Engineers and at last we have our business...

FuturaHosters.com... Made for gamers by gamers !!!

Sincerely, the Management


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