FuturaHosters.com Team is composed of only IT Managers, Network & Systems Engineers, Designers and Online Gamers Fans. We need you to continue our work, that's why we will provide you the best service ever seen!!!
How ??? With the best support, with powerful hardware, with great network speeds and with the best stability !!!

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Our Services

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Great Hardware Performances:
All our Servers are at least:
- Latest Intel Xeon Technology
- At least 8GB DDR2 Fully Buffered ECC RAM
- 10'000rpm High Performance Hard Disks
- RAID1 Hard Disks
- Redundant HardWare Configuration

Fastest Network Connections:
All our Servers are directly connected to the most important Carrier Providers available on the market. We can provide Services with minimal Latency, unlimited Bandwidth and an exceptional stability !

24x7x365 Support:
If you have a problem, if you have a question simply ask us using the support ticket system, e-mail, Contact Form and also SMS !!! It doesn't matter the time or the day, we are here to support you in 4 languages !!!

English, Italian, French, German !!!

Instant Server Activation:
You won't have to wait more that 5 minutes in order to begin using your new Service after your Order !!! Our systems will automatically install your new server in minutes !!!

Our Premium Hardware Servers are available for hire in:
- Zürich, Switzerland
- Frankfurt, Germany

Do you think that it's impossible ???
No, it isn't !!! TRY US, WE WON'T DISAPPOINT YOU !!!